Thursday, 29 December 2011


Through the giant search engine Google, we can find email addresses for various purposes such as promoting webs/ blogs or to find a list of friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Google opens the widest service for its users to search for email lists by search filtering and entering specific keywords.

At first glance, the list of email address is not too important. However, these email lists can be used to send any spam emails and other things that disturb privacy.

Here are some keywords that can be used to find a list of email addresses using google search engine:

"* @" 
Order google to display the hotmail email address. An asterisk (*) in the keyword is to display the list of all email addresses. We can enter more specific keyword by typing "*" to ask google to display the email addresses that have the word "ku". The email service provider sites, can be changed depending on other needs.

"* @" 2010 
Asking google to display the latest email address in 2010. Usually, google displays the email address on the site comment boxes, if the owner at the time wrote comments.

"* @" list
Asking google to display email address through a web that released publicly their visitors customers.

"* @" site:
This keyword is asking google to display the specific email address from social networking sites like facebook. You can replace with other social networking sites.

"* @" "ind" site:
Asking google to display only email lists from facebook from Indonesia. The keyword can be further explored with only replacing the IND with USA or UKA to display the email from the United State and the United Kingdom.

If we do not want google to display our email address in the search results list, do not type our email address when writing comments on a site, because it can be indexed by google.

In addition, when we enrolled in a membership groups on a site, we can ask the administrator to keep our privacy by not displaying our email address.


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