Thursday, 29 December 2011


If you prefer to use Google Chrome for browsing on the internet, you can use one of the extensions that function displays the download button when opening one of the youtube video page on the site.

The extension name is Chrome Youtube Downloader. Use with the following steps :

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Visit to install Chrome Youtube Downloader

3. Then click the Add button to Chrome to install on the browser Chrome / Chromium you use. The button is in the upper right (which signs +)

4. After successful installation, you will be taken on the settings page. Just select 'Classic Download' on the Style Button option.

5. Visit Youtube video page (which you want to download of course). It would appear the button to download that is located below the box. If the button is not appear, playing the video 'streaming' for the firt time. I'll definitely button will appear. just click the download button to download the video immediately.

In the list that appears when you click the download button, please select the quality / type / format of the video you want. Then wait for the download to complete.


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