Thursday, 29 December 2011


One of the data storage media other than floppy disks are compact discs (CD). CD has the advantages of the diskette. Besides not easily damaged, the CD also has a much greater capacity than a floppy disk which is about 650-700 MB.

There are two kinds of compact discs, CDR (Compact Disc Recordable) that can only be used to store one time only and CDRW (Compact Disc Rewritable) that can be used to store and also delete files that have been stored and then to store files/data again. So, CDRW can be used repeatedly.

However, with a little trick, we can get around for the CDR can be used to store data or files over and over again so it is more economical and efficient.

This trick is fairly simple and we only need to use Nero Burning program only. Steps were as follows:

1. Open the Nero program

2. Select Data and then click Make Data CD

3. Enter data or files to be burning to CD by clicking the Add button and if it all clicks Next

4. In the Final Burn Settings window switch or check the option Allow files to be added later (Multisession disc).

5. Click Burn.

By enabling this feature, the CDR will be used to store other data at other times too.


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